In-country value

Our approach

We are committed to supporting our local community. Our support includes employment, training, and increasing the use of locally sourced goods and services in our supply chain. We also partner with LCCs and have set up programmes to develop and assist SMEs.

Our ICV planning considers people and supplier development for both goods and services to ensure that we use local resources at every opportunity.

We have a responsibility to contribute to the broader development of Oman, which includes developing Omani nationals to reduce dependence on ex-pat knowledge and presence.¬†We recognise that our most important asset is our people as a responsible and committed organisation. Therefore our commitment to increasing in-country value aligns with His late Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s vision for sustainable growth and the development of Oman.


Our business is committed to developing and attracting local talent, and we contribute to Omani society’s growth and the development of local communities around us. We strive for Omanis to achieve successful roles in our business and are committed to the quality development of our staff. Furthermore, our internship programmes and graduate schemes provide opportunities and develop potential candidates to become regular full-time employees with us.


We have a proven track record in partnering with our local supply chain at every level, from SME to LCC. Investing time and expertise in developing and sharing knowledge with our supply chain has made incremental gains for HSEQ and business development. We are committed to partnering and trusting our supply chain to deliver our objectives and share long-term relationships.