Health, Safety, Environment, Quality

We do not compromise when it comes to health and safety

We aim to be the recognised leader in health and safety in our sector. Through a range of programmes and training, we work hard to achieve our Target Zero for accidents and ill-health caused by work. All contracts are assessed for health and safety risks at each stage. Senior managers regularly visit sites to review adherence to health and safety procedures with employees at all levels.

We actively encourage people to play their part; our Empower Yourself initiative enables people to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions and suggest improvements. It has proven successful in raising important issues and creating a health and safety culture of awareness and openness in which people have the confidence to speak out.

Our commitment to Target Zero

We know that the culture of the organisation leads to a supportive and visible safety culture, providing a safe place to work and protecting the environment through what we do and achieve.

We collaborate with all our customers to deliver a co-ordinated approach to HSEQ, strengthen the health and safety culture of the organisation, and ensure all our people and stakeholders are protected from risks of injury or ill-health.

The Target Zero programme includes behaviour-based safety education and coaching. Target Zero runs parallel with an Empowerment initiative, providing an excellent opportunity for all employees to intervene in unsafe work and drive down incidents.

Integrated management system

The HSEQ Control Framework is an approach that delivers a single Integrated Management System, covering all aspects of our service. We communicate the requirements of this framework throughout the organisation using various techniques. Robust assurance monitoring and checks confirm that our arrangements for HSEQ are effective; this includes the facility of feedback from staff to the management team.

Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Quality elements of the system have been structured to comply with ISO requirements and is accredited to:

  • ISO 45001:2018 – Health and Safety System Requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Requirements
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System Requirements
  • ISO 18295-1: 2017 – Standard for Customer Contact Centre’s

Empower Yourself

Shortlisted for an OPAL Award in 2021, our Empower Yourself initiative is designed to ensure that all our employees know that they always have management support to stop unsafe work under any circumstances. All our staff and subcontractors carry an Empower Yourself card, which enables employees to stop any unsafe actions, report any unsafe acts, or stop any work that does not comply with safety rules.