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Through a range of programmes and training we are working hard to achieve our Target of Zero accidents and ill health caused by work.

Managing Health and Safety

We have well-established policies and systems in place to manage health and safety, including applying 11 leading and lagging indicators within rigorous risk frameworks to monitor and improve performance.

Our business has a formal health and safety management system, and we are proud that we continue to be certified to BS OHSAS 18001 across our global business. All contracts are assessed for health and safety risks at each stage, from design and delivery to final use, and senior managers regularly visit contracts to review health and safety with employees at all levels.

Our management systems are supported by a Group-wide policy, implemented through awareness-raising campaigns and formal training.

Target Zero

Target Zero Our target is zero accidents every day: Target Zero.

We do everything we can to remove the risk of accidents from our business, across every contract.

In regrettable cases where an accident does occur, our systems ensure we learn from it, communicate the learning, improve for the future, and Target Zero the next day.

Risk assessment

We apply our rigorous corporate risk management processes to our Target Zero mission. We ensure that a risk assessment is carried out for every task that:

  • takes account of the environment in which the task is undertaken as well as the nature of the task itself
  • identifies the key hazards
  • sets out clear, practical controls.

To keep abreast of health and safety risks in our sector, we closely monitor the effectiveness of our risk assessments, and review the controls we have in place. This is one of our key performance indicators.

Donít Walk By

We actively encourage people to play their part. Our 'Don't Walk By' programme enables people to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions and suggest improvements. It has proven successful in raising important issues and creating a health and safety culture of awareness and openness in which people have the confidence to speak out.

The overall objective is to enable any person to raise a Health and Safety concern or suggest a Health and Safety improvement, and ensure that issues are effectively resolved

Occupational Health

Through our 'Health Like Safety' programme we are also committed to promoting healthier lifestyles and helping our people to manage their health. Supporting our people to be healthy is important to our recruitment and retention strategy, and consequently, to the future of our business.

Our health and wellbeing programmes include:

  • Free medical check-upís for all employees and regular health surveillance for those working in safety critical positions
  • An employee assistance programme offering services such as free education advice and employee counselling
  • Work-life balance policies covering issues such as parental leave and special leave
  • A Licensed medical clinic that supports all our employees
  • Health Matters, a monthly information service, in partnership with our occupational health provider, aimed at giving good-quality information on personal health issues. Feedback from employees has been extremely positive.


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